Sunday, January 14, 2007

To the Reader

Please note that I frequently revise older posts based on second thoughts, reader comments, and the desire to remove infelicities or inaccuracies, or to clarify points perhaps not as well made as they could have been.

For example, I have this morning added a substantial passage to my post "Arrested Development" of January 12 clarifying (again) my position regarding literary categories and labels. Through brief discussion of the Imagists and the Objectivists, of the concept of Modernist poetry, and of the Latin American literary movement Modernismo, I acknowledge the ways in which such categories can be useful for writers and for readers. The function of this added passage is to emphasize the difference between such group affiliations and the widespread and purely pejorative use of the phrase "School of Quietude." As I wrote, I will post no more on this topic, but I wanted to make my argument as clear as possible.

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